slackware iso install

slackware-14.0-install-dvd.iso at Linuxtracker.
Aug 30, 2009. Use the.asc files here to verify your ISO images are authentic. Slackware 13.0 x86 Install ISO disc 1 (A/AP/D/E/L/N, bootable installer, kernels.
Installing Slackware 12 -or another version- with the ISO images, but.

slackware iso install

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slackware-14.0-install-d1.iso 26-Sep-2012 04:28 667M [TXT] slackware-14.0- install-d1.iso.asc 26-Sep-2012 04:28 198 [TXT] slackware-14.0-install-d1.iso. md5.
Index of /slackware-iso/slackware64-14.0-iso. slackware64-14.0-install-dvd.iso, 26-Sep-2012 03:35, 2.2G, Details. [TXT], slackware64-14.0-install-dvd.iso.asc.
[DIR], Parent Directory, -. [ ], slackware_i486-13.37-mini-install.iso, 24-Apr-2011 06:29, 34M. [TXT]. Apache/2.2.22 Server at Port 80.
At this point you should have a Slackware ISO lying on your hard disk. Make it hybrid: isohybrid slackware-13.1-install-dvd.iso.
Newbie to Slackware.what does.iso.asc .iso.md5 and iso.txt.

slackware iso install

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